• Welcome, and thanks for your interest in my work. Just a bit about me and what you can find on my site, here.
    Twenty years of work is described on the Experience page. In my design work and positions I've held with different organizations, I find that my career path is not straight up the ladder; instead, it's made up of a broad range of environments, industries, responsibilities, and clients. I like to think it means a wide variety of experience that doesn't fit neatly into the average job description, but has made me adaptable to many different roles with a solid set of skills laying the foundation, like these:

    • creative direction
    • project management and client service, from initial client contact to delivery
    • graphic design, marketing and social media
    • prepress, print contracting and management
    • training and facilitation
    • business operations, administration and financial
    • retail management
    • employee hiring, training and management

    I’ve also been called a connector, an individual who builds relationships well, and a creative thinker who seeks out new challenges to improve and grow my team, company, and self. For many years I've successfully worked independently, and I've found that I thrive when working on a supportive team. Working in an ever-changing place is exciting to me; I enjoy my current role because of how much I’m able to continually learn from my colleagues, and become exposed to a constant flow of new ideas in the exciting environment of Notre Dame.

    As a downtown business owner for several years prior to my work at Apple, I created a strong presence for my store, and advocated for local businesses in our county by co-founding a community based non-profit organization, ShoLo Independent Business Alliance, Inc. I also brought marketing ideas to Downtown South Bend (DTSB) to benefit all downtown businesses, such as holiday pop-up shops (several of which have remained permanently downtown) and the ongoing First Fridays event. I continue to maintain these relationships and participate in our community’s development, as well as serve as a consultant to business owners in the area.
     If you like what you see, let's chat. Thanks for visiting!