Ehlers for Congress

Ehlers for Congress Grand Rapids, Michigan Campaign Brochures The Ehlers Alliance was the ‘donors' club’ of Michigan Congressman Vernon J. Ehlers’ campaign for re-election. Donors who gave above a certain level belong to the Alliance and received benefits such as free event tickets and special luncheons with the Congressman. The challenge, as with all political materials on which I have worked, was to make the brochure appealing and not ‘just another cheap fundraising brochure’. Photos of Washington and local community events were coupled with a listing of accomplishments in Dr. Ehlers’ congressional service, as well as the necessary donor information about the Alliance. The Ehlers Event was an annual summer fundraiser for Congressman Ehlers, held at the Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park. Family-friendly and inexpensive, it’s a great time to see one of Grand Rapids’ most interesting attractions. Rather than the typical quick-printed invitation with response pieces thrown in, I designed a fun and attractive all-in-one piece that didn’t even require an envelope. A self-mailer, it folds out to a combination response panel and envelope that detaches at a perforation.

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