Identity: Spark Fine Stationery

Spark Fine Stationery South Bend, Indiana Retail Store Spark Design Studio ventured into retail territory from 2007-2011, for two main reasons: to expand the audience for custom designed invitations (already being offered to corporate clients), and also to experience at street level all the considerations that marketing and advertising entailed. Digging in and doing it yourself is by far the best education, and boy, did we learn a lot! Throughout these retail years, Spark Fine Stationery became beloved in South Bend. We developed the slogan 'Leave a paper trail' to describe the importance of handwritten correspondence, journaling, and thank you notes in an increasingly digital society. Focusing on higher-end invitations including letterpress, engraving, calligraphy, and the like, was our specialty when it came to working with event planners, brides, and industry partners. Practicing what we preached about the value of a tactile presentation, Spark's business card incorporated a bevel emboss on the logo, and folded into an envelope-like format that, when folded, was the size of a standard business card. Also shown here are more examples of Spark's branding—shopping bags, website design, print ads and window display posters were designed to communicate a consistent message across all media. Calligraphy: Karen Vosburg

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