Notre Dame Business Course Catalog

Mendoza College of Business University of Notre Dame Notre Dame, Indiana Department chairs at Mendoza College of Business approached Spark with the problem of creating a course catalog for two business degrees, Management and Consulting & Entrepreneurship. Budget and mailing requirements meant that these two course catalogs had to be united into one piece, with equal presentation, and yet presented in a cohesive way. Spark presented a design that we nicknamed 'flip-flop', with each cover being on the other side when the piece was flipped over, which meant that neither side appeared more prominent. The photo elements and design ratios followed through the entire catalog to provide continuity, and the aerial photo (by Matt Cashore) provided a perfect center spread for the transition between the two sections. When a piece is revised and reprinted over and over again, we know it's a solid solution that has stood the test of time—exactly what's happened with this piece.

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